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I joke around about this Pet Insurance Coverage subject all of the time. I have health insurance. I have PPO Insurance from Blue Cross here in California. I have both dental and health. Even with all of this coverage I have failed to take advantage of my health insurance. Now Monkey, my English Staffordshire bull terrier doesn't have pet insurance yet she has managed to go to the vet every 3 months since I got her. What a no brainer! I should have pet insurance for my English Staffy! She could go to the vet for vacinations, immunizations, illnesses, parvo, kennel cough; heck, she goes to the vet for all kinds of dog illnesses.

Luckily, Monkey has not had a major problem so I haven't had to spend an arm and a leg on Emergency Vetrinary Visits! Just saying emergency Vetrinary visit scares me...I blink my eyes and see dollar signs. I did a little research on the following pet insurance statistics, pet insurance benefits, pet insurance claims and pet insurance programs that are just for dogs.

What, this cute face need pet insurance?

Pet Insurance is available for puppies of all ages!

Pet Insurance Statistics

I really need to do some more pet insurance research before I start firing off statistics at you, but here is a start to help you research pet insurance for your dog. In the United States only about 1% of pet owners actually have pet insurance. The numbers for Europe and Africa go up though with much more non-U.S. Citizens smart enough to get insurance for their dogs. To me it only makes sense; Vetrinarian medical technology has blown up. Vets have C.A.T.S. machines in their office and run x-rays for your pet like they were your family doctor. Do you know how much an MRI costs or a bone graft or treating your pets cancer? Pet insurance seems like an inteligent decision. Could you afford to keep your dog alive if he/she needed cancer treatments?

Pet Insurance Benefits

Pet Insurance programs were developed for the same reasons health care insurance was created for us; Animal health care is expensive and Insurance coverage helps us hedge our bets against giant hospital bills. When tragedy strikes your life in the form of an injured pet, pet insurance helps keep your wallet in your pocket. Afterall, the benefit of having pet insurance is not having to base your decision to treat your pet (dog / cat) on how much money you have in your checking account. Do you want Pet Health Insurance? Cick on the link

Pet Insurance Claims

Making a pet insurance claim is done very similar to your own health insuranc claim. You need to fill out a claim form. Your insurance company will either pay you based on your the hospital bills or they will pay your vet directly. That depends on the vetrinarian though. Some insurance companies require a phone call to make the claim and yet others alow you to make your pet insurance claim online. Simply print out PDF forms to your desktop, print them, fill them out and fax it back to the insurance company.

Pet Insurance Programs for Dogs

In order to find out if your dog is eligible for Pet Insurance Coverage you will have to fill out a very detailled questionare about your pet. The usual check-up questions are asked.

1. Is your pet currently ill?

2. Does your pet have a pre-existing illness'?

3. Have you been cited or has your dog been accused of aggressive tendancies that may result in an insurance claim being made against you for negligence?

4. Have you ever had pet insurance before?

5. Have you ever filed a pet insurance claim for your cat or your dog?

6. Does the animal hospital or vet you regularly take your pet to accept pet insurance?

Things to know about Pet Insurance:

You must use an insurance agency based in your home country. Most pet insurance companies need proof that you are the owner of the pet (registered with city where you live). In order to qualify for insurance your dog must have received all these vaccinations: Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Parvovirus. If you want insurance for your cat it will need Feline Infectious Entritis, Feline Leukaemia and Cat Flu vaccinations. If your dog is too old (over 8) you may have a hard time getting insurance. Get pet insurance when your pet is younger as most programs last the life of an animal. Your dogs coverage will not begin until you have been signed up for ten (10 days) and your insurance will not cover pre-existing conditions. Many insurance companies let you pay annual premiums monthly but will charge you a surchage. If you sign up for pet insurance you can save money by paying your annual premium up front using a major credit card or personal check.


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Pet Insurance Information from the owner of English Staffordshire Bull Terriers

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