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English Staffordshire Bull Terrier

I updated my Staffy Pictures on November 27th 2006 for your viewing pleasure. :-) If you would like any high resolution pictures I can send you a copy.

I have had this English Staffy for quite a while now. She is pushing 2 years old and has gone into season (dog in heat) three times now. I know that I you are looking for some English Staffy puppy pictures so I put a bunch on this page. Monkey was born on June 24th and has a great "nanny dog" temperment and is great around people...espcially children. That is a good asset of the English Bull Terrier breed, great temperment around children. This is a great family dog to have chill at the house which she will claim as her own but not really to take to dog parks. This is an Alpha type breed and will not tolerate the company of yappy little dogs like Chijuaua's and Shitzu's

Puppy Update! October 2006

Monkey went into heat the first week of June, 2006. Dogs (bitches) are most fertile during the 13th-20th days of their cycle. I arranged a stud complimenting the English Staffordshire Bull Terrier traits and dropped her off at the breeder for a week of fun in the sun with her pre-arranged stud.

The breeders know she is ready to be introduced to the male when she starts flagging. Flagging when you can touch the hamstring of the dog and she pushes wags her tail out of the way of her "womanhood" inviting the sexual aggression of a male.

After 7 days at the breeder in the honeymoon kennel running around with the entact male, she was tied, stuck to the male after sex, three times and was artificially inseminated 3 times. We thought for sure she would be pregnant.

Over the next couple of weeks she became much needier, put on weight and became much less active. The gestation period for a pregnant dog is just 9 weeks. Four weeks into it, we could have paid around $150 to have a test done, but at that point…there is no turning back. She either IS or IS NOT pregnant…nothing we could do either way.

Alas, at nine weeks she tricked us all and didn't have any puppies. She had gained around 8 pounds and had us all fooled. Her nipples were swollen but not lactating at 8 weeks which was a sure sign to the breeder that Monkey was having a false pregnancy. Everyday during the 9th week I kept Monkey close to me by bringing her to work on the train with me and not throwing her in the backyard all day to make sure she wasn't going to have just one puppy.

Week ten (10) came around and no puppies. Monkeys' pregnancy was a false alarm. It was disappointing for all of us but it happened for a reason. We'll try again in January of 2007 when she is due to go into heat again.

Bull Terrier Puppy

This puppy appears to be 5 weeks old

puppy laying down staffy puppy in la jolla Bull Terrier Puppy at Wind n Sea beach

English Staffy: Monkey

Monkey is a full bred English Staffordshire Bull Terrier (staffy) bred here in San Diego California. She has been a joy and I would recomend her breed to anyone looking for an opinion on the temperment of an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier. I have spent a lot of time with her, and of course she in return, is an extremely faithful well trained Staffie. Staffie refers to what the owners of English Stafford Bull Terriers call their dogs.

Bull Terrier Staring at the sprinklers
Bull Terrier Puppy soaked from sprinklers

These pictures of my staffy are very ironic. Monkey does not like the water and was not a very good swimmer when I first brought her home. The first time she ventured into the shore break at a La Jolla beach she sank right to the bottom! Apparently, swimming is not an instict for all dogs. These two staffy pictures are of Monkey after a very agrivating game of "chase the water bite the sprinklers." She lost this small battle, but won the war when she ripped apart the rainbird sprinkler heads.

The best part of these pictures of my dog are that they are CLICKABLE! Yep, these are some high res pic's that you can click on if you want a larger than life close up of my English Staffordshire Bull Terrier Monkey.

Click To Enlarge Pictures

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Aussie Shepard (BFF) English Staffy and Mark Richards Classic Surfboard English Staffordshire Bull Terrier at 2 Yrs old English Staffordshire Bull Terrier training English Staffordshire Bull Terrier waiting for Heel Command while in Bush Bull Terrier from Stafford Shire England This staffy is ready for a walk! english bull terrier smelling EVERYTHING while in heat more staffy sniffing
staffordshire bull terrier napping under a palm tree city dog staffy staffy ready for training obedience training for staffy's

English Staffie Puppies

Monkey was welped on June 24th. She has made it through her first heat. She is currently about a month late for her second heat, but it looks like she is on the verge of getting it. She constantly smells everything, is getting into the habbit of wondering out of the yard and gets very excited around male dogs. I will not breed her until she has had her third heat and is full grown. Loretta Drown and Sonshine Staffordshire Bull Terriers recomends we wait until all of her muscles and bones have fully developed. Monkey is a great Staffie and she is going to make a great mother for a few cute English Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies.

English Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy Picture English Staffordhire Bull Terrier Puppy with a cat

My Staffy enjoying the company of the neighbors cat

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